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TCS New York City Marathon

TCS New York City Marathon





Luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer challenged us to raise awareness of their sponsorship of the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon and build excitement leading up to race day.



Runners are dedicated athletes, passionate about their training journey. We used the stages of training as context for our Road to New York story. Giving TAG Heuer consumers an inside view into runners’ lifestyles we showed how people could adopt their habits in everyday life.



Every runner — novices and pros alike — goes through a journey to prepare for a marathon. From top tier Instagram celebrities to everyday consumers, we built a robust team of eight influencers, each on their way to the New York City Marathon. Through the eyes of our influencers, content took consumers through their training journey, paralleling a typical marathon regiment with lifestyle moments. By talking about their real lives, the influencers were able to genuinely share the spirit of TAG Heuer’s brand values, all with the TAG Heuer Connected Watch at the center of their stories.

Stretching a single activation across five months requires a steady stream of content and a robust editorial calendar. We told the our influencers’ stories of training for the TCS NYC Marathon on all of TAG Heuer's owned channels as well as our influencers' social channels. We cast the net wide, creating and commissioning content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Finally, we produced a wrap-up video collaging together in sequential order our influencers’ routine the day of the New York City Marathon. From waking up and gearing up in the early hours of morning, to heading to the starting line and pushing themselves to the finish line, we captured the determination and passion it take to not crack under pressure and keep running.