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MCM – The Invitation

Spicing Up Atlanta





Nando’s challenged us with creating a 360° marketing campaign to launch their PERi-PERi sauce product to Atlanta’s top tastemakers through a saucy and shareable experience.



Millennials, especially males, have instigated a food renaissance. They want more variety, personalization and convenience – all within unique experiences they can share with their friends digitally and in real life.



Through a combination of targeted sampling, strategic seeding, influencer gifting and a 10-day pop-up event, we generated a groundswell of buzz around the Nando’s brand. We gave consumers an exclusive taste of the brand by transforming Atlanta’s Beltline Bicycle warehouse into a vibrant party space for Nando’s Braai — a traditional South African party involving friends, fire and delicious food.

By keeping both the brand and audience top-of-mind, we designed an experience that brought guests closer to the heart of the brand. From the community-style dinner to the collaborative art installment, guests became a part of the brand’s story. Each day of the pop-up experience was themed to align with the different target audiences invited for that day. From food bloggers to corporate partners, guests had an experience uniquely tailored to their community. Our Nando’s launch spiced up the hearts and mouths of Atlanta, leaving them wanting more of the most famous sauce they had never heard of. 


Atlanta Beltline impressions


traditional media impressions


social media impressions


dollar sales lift (single retailer)