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NAR – Modern Family

Modern Family







The National Association of Realtors asked us to drive Realtors’ relevance and perceived value among a younger audience who are looking for their next home online and don’t see the importance of having an expert as part of the process.



This millennial home buying audience was heavy TV viewers who are immersed in pop culture. They look at celebrities and their favorite characters as a way to discover new products and endorse their decisions.



Make Realtors relevant again by developing and reinforcing the connection between the Realtor brand and America’s most beloved Realtor, Modern Family’s Phil Dunphy. Our campaign had two components - a seamless storyline integration during an episode of Modern Family an ongoing campaign that launched the night of the integration using the character’s well know Phil’s-osophies platform. Social content, collateral and an appearance by Ty Burrell at NAR’s national convention further extended the partnership.


1 Billion



increase in consideration

to use a Realtor


increase in likelihood

to use a Realtor