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TracFone - Total Wireless

Fearless with
Total Wireless





TracFone brand, Total Wireless, has a low share of voice in a crowded marketplace and is being outspent by its competition. Total Wireless’ challenge was to increase brand visibility that went beyond traditional media and connect with the Total Wireless target audience through their consumer passions of celebrity and pop culture.



In order to connect with our young, female audience, we aligned the brand’s message, “Total Confidence,” with relatable personalities and tapped into their known passions points – entertainment, celebrity and pop culture – to share a compelling story.



Total Wireless partnered with the Ellen Digital Network to bring the “Total Confidence” messaging to life via an original series on ellentube called Fearless. With the help of host, super model and celebrity Ashley Graham, and three celebrity guests, we created a six-episode series portraying human interest stories of people struggling with their own confidence issues, and helped them rally the courage to rise above, take the next step and become unapologetically fearless.

We orchestrated a truly custom, co-branded digital series, which was distributed on ellentube, as well as ELLEN’s YouTube channel. We harnessed the power of ELLEN’s and Ashley Graham’s official social platforms to drive their loyal followers to tune-in and engage with the content. In addition, we secured two on-air mentions from ELLEN promoting the campaign and press from top media outlets including People, HuffingtonPost, Variety and Adweek. Fearless was also socially shared by celebrities such as Laverne Cox, Sophia Bush, Kendrick Sampson and Matt McGorry. By utilizing the ethos of Total Wireless, we gained a phenomenal and positive response from the audience and viewers. 


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