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Coca-Cola - Share an Ice Cold Coke Experience

Share an Ice Cold Coke Experience




In order to drive teens to drink more Coca-Cola, we invited them – and people who are teens at heart – to live summer to the fullest by developing a nationwide tour where they could enjoy a Coca-Cola in the best way possible – when it’s ice cold.



Teens embrace summertime, so in order to connect with them authentically, we brought the Share an Ice Cold Coca-Cola tour to their favorite summer activities, including music festivals, theme parks and sporting events.



Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign has become a summer ritual. During summer 2017, HSE brought back the popular campaign in an exciting new way, offering consumers the opportunity to customize cans with their last names for the first time. The traveling “Share an Ice Cold Coke” experience followed teens around the country in the hottest temperatures, incentivizing them with an ice cold beverage, an interactive footprint, and a personalized Share A Coke can as a premium giveaway. The customized mini cans could be dispensed onsite, inviting teens to share a Coke with their friends.

In order to beat the summer heat, there were blasts of cold air throughout the experience, cooling the consumers down, while they took advantage of the multiple photo opportunities within the space. Consumers shared their favorite moments on social media using hashtag #ShareaCoke. We connected teens to the Coca-Cola brand by delivering shareworthy, memorable experiences specifically around their passions. 


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