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MCM – The Invitation

Rio 2016 Olympics





Coca-Cola asked us to develop an integrated marketing campaign to connect with teens at the Rio 2016 Olympics.



By turning teens’ passion points – music, entertainment, sports and technology – into Olympic attractions, we leveraged the uniqueness of the Olympic spirit and brought it to life through a language teens understood.



After our 10th execution of the Olympic Torch Relay came to an end, we created a first-of-its-kind destination for teens to engage with the Olympic Games on their own terms. All attractions within our Parada Coca-Cola experience acted as content generators so teens could instantly share online using #thatsgold. Teens could snap a selfie with the real Olympic gold, silver and bronze medals, take a 360° photo with the Olympic torch, or challenge each other to a Just Dance competition.

At night, digital influencers and athletes performed on stage with major Brazilian artists, and the concerts were broadcasted live through Coca-Cola’s partnership with MTV and online through Facebook Live. 


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