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Chandon – Summer

American Summer Fête





For the second year in a row, Chandon challenged us to create the summer’s most anticipated and brag-worthy experience to bring the brand's heritage to life for consumers and press.



In order to create more authentic connections with millennial women, we used their passions – fashion, arts and culture, social gaming and beauty – as context for our experience.



We brought Napa Valley to New York and made the Chandon American Summer Fête the talk of the town. We infused the brand’s French heritage and innovative American spirit into every aspect of the experience as we transformed New York City’s Elevated Acre from an urban landscape to a chic getaway. We leveraged an elite group of Instagram influencers to promote the event on social media and encouraged consumers to both RSVP and invite their friends. 

As guests entered the space under a lush greenery archway, they were greeted with a bottle of the new limited edition Chandon American Summer bottles. Guests set up with their squad and sipped Chandon on the open grass and stadium-style steps, adorned with colorful blankets, poufs and Chandon-branded games and accessories. Our eye-catching “Squad Goals” wall and colorful bottle displays set the perfect backdrop for many Instagrammable moments. We leveraged Chandon’s partnership with Rebecca Minkoff – who was a surprise special guest – to host a pop-up shop where guests could purchase custom monogrammed purses. Instagram influencer Roxy Te (@SocietySocial) designed a Chandon-inspired bar cart as a giveaway for one lucky event winner at the end of the unforgettable night. 


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