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Yahoo! On The Road


- Reintroduce the Yahoo! brand to young adults in a fun, relevant way.
- Create content for Yahoo! channels and social media.
- Educate consumers about Yahoo! Apps.

What We Did

We partnered with Yahoo! to create a summertime mobile music festival that brought great music performances by top artists (the Lumineers, Justin Timberlake, etc), comedy, and entertainment to fans around the USA and Europe. The eye-catching tour bus stopped in NYC, Chicago, Austin and San Francisco, as well as Berlin, Milan, Madrid, Paris and London. Fans were able to follow the tour through Facebook, Twitter and live Flickr uploads, and stayed connected with Yahoo!Weather and mail. The tour further showcased Yahoo! Music, fan interaction via Yahoo! Groups and more. 


55 million people went on the road with Yahoo! in 35 cities, in 65 days.

43K+ campaign attendance.

19K+ App downloads.