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HS&E Holiday TwEating

Holiday Season 2012

How do we celebrate together with all our 500 colleagues around the world and at the same time fight world hunger?

We created…

The HS&E Holiday TwEating

The longest virtual holiday table!

We invited our colleagues to reserve their seats on facebook and mark their calendars for December 18. Colleagues could post a special greeting, share their favorite holiday song, and pull a virtual Christmas cracker together.

When reserving their seat each attendee agreed to donate 5€ to Wefeedback,the UN World Food programme initiative we support with Havas Media

On December 18th, we all sat around our holiday tables at the same time, we had breakfast in Bogota and Atlanta, lunch in Barcelona, aperitivo in Milan, Waffles in Germany, and Dinner in South Africa. All with one simple rule Tweet to Eat!

… different time zones

… 500 colleagues virtually seated at the same table

… great fun!

And most importantly 12, 500 children fed

A great way to begin the holidays!