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Coca-Cola Beatbox


Put Coca-Cola at the heart of a once-in-a-lifetime Olympic experience for Olympic Park spectators.
Demonstrate Coca-Cola’s commitment to innovative, bold, world-class design.
Create a compelling legacy story and comply with high-level sustainable design/construction standards with zero landfill waste.

What We Did

The Beatbox was designed to visually celebrate the energy of sport and music, connecting youth to Olympic athletes in an unforgettable interactive experience. The pavilion’s façade was clad with groundbreaking technology designed just for this installation and embedded with LED lighting integrated with Olympic-sound recordings (ex. a runner’s heartbeat, an arrow hitting a target) that could be triggered by touch and proximity. Spectacular bird’s-eye views of Olympic Park were planned into the rooftop design which offered guests photo ops with the Olympic torch.
Created as a black box, guests experienced a lightshow of illuminated expanding bubbles evoking the energy released when a bottle of Coca-Cola is opened and shared.


The creative use of space and unreal melding of technology and physiology brought to life the global Move to the Beat campaign for the 3 million visitors to Olympic Park. More than 150,000 guests spent over an hour interacting with the pavilion in nearly endless variations of light, sound, collaboration and participation.
More than 160 media articles were generated within Great Britain alone, garnering 83 million impressions.