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Bezoya Quedate con lo Bueno


Bring to life the positioning of Bezoya “Quédate con lo bueno” (“Keep the good things”) and reinforce the brand values in the territory of optimism and how a positive attitude can change your life for the better.

What We Did

Launched a microsite showcasing the level of optimism or pessimism in Spain using Twitter. A huge Bezoya bottle reacted to the tweets getting filled or emptied according to the mood in the streets of Madrid. When the level of optimism was high and the bottle was full, we gave away bottles of water.Positive tweets contributed to the construction of freshwater wells in the Philippines together with an NGO.


+5,800 positive tweets.
The net traffic for the outdoor installation during one weekend was around 170,000 people. + 5000 bottles of water were given away during the event.
The digital campaign received more than 22.1 million impressions.
We have exceeded the planned impressions in every media, having an over delivery of 3% at no extra cost.