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Our Awards

Our Awards

Ok, we know we’re showing off but why not?

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved with and on behalf of our clients. Thanks to their support and trust, we have already scooped up 35 awards in 2013, including 2 Cannes Lions. So yes, we’re indulging ourselves but we’re also saying thanks to our clients for having faith in us.

Please click on the award logos on the left hand side of this page to see each individual winner and its respective case study.

  • Cannes Lions
  • Clio Sport Awards
  • The Cristal Festival
  • PRNews CSR Awards
  • Portada Latam  Advertising and Media Awards
  • The Internationalist Award for Innovation in Media
  • Brand Republic Digital Awards
  • Festival Iberoamericano de Publicidad (FIAP)
  • Festival of Media Latam
  • “El Sol” Festival
  • Eurobest Awards
  • Event Marketer Awards
  • Grand Prix Stratégies
  • Reggie Awards
  • Effie Awards
  • Event Awards
  • Premios Lápiz de Oro
  • Premios AMPE
  • El Chupete
  • The One Show
  • Luxury Advertising Awards
  • Premios GENIO
  • The Hub Prize
  • IMC Council Europe Awards
  • International Events & Relational Strategies' by ADV GrandPrix - TVN Media
  • ProSport Awards
  • UK Sponsorship Awards
  • EVCOM Screen Awards
  • Ex- Awards
  • Clio Awards
  • The Drum Content Awards
  • NC Awards
  • Golden Award of Montreux
  • Pro Awards
  • Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards
  • TOP/COM Grands Prix