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A new study, released today by Havas Sports & Entertainment, shows music fans feel brands can enhance the festival season.  The research found that 65% of music-festival goers believe ‘brands improve the festival experience’, with 60% interacting with two or more brands at festivals and 85% ‘liking the brand activations they visited’.

Sponsor awareness amongst festival visitors is high, according to the study, with fans recalling 6 out of every 10 brands on site.  Furthermore, brand consideration amongst festival goers is significant with 36% claiming that they would be ‘more likely to buy a sponsor’s product’ after experiencing their activation at the festival.

Fredda Hurwitz, Global VP Strategic Planning, Marketing & Communications, Havas Sports & Entertainment, commented:

“Our research does much to dispel the view that music festivals are a dangerous arena for brand sponsors and suggests brands are a welcome part of the festival experience if they develop activations that add value. 

This research, combined with our own experience building campaigns for a variety of brands in music including Orange and Coca-Cola, leads us to recommend that the best strategy for brands looking to sponsor a festival is to create exciting, unexpected experiences for fans that have a ‘wow’ factor. Festival goers are passionate about music but they go to festivals first and foremost to live an incredible moment with friends – so signage or sampling alone will not get their attention.

It’s also an important time for sponsors of music festivals to integrate social media into their activations.  We found music festival goers spend an average 220% more time online than the average global consumer which indicates a memorable on-site experience combined with social network interaction could help brands build long-term relationships with music lovers.”

The research was conducted by Havas Sports & Entertainment in the summer of 2011 to better understand music festival goers and their attitudes towards sponsors of music events.  Fieldwork took place at six festivals across six European countries and involved 2,244 respondents.

Fredda Hurwitz will present the research in detail at the Havas Café during the International Festival of Creativity at Cannes on June 19th.  For more information about the Havas Café: http://havascafe.typepad.com/



The Havas Sports & Entertainment Summer 2011 European Music Festival study was carried out over three months during the summer of 2011 (from June to August) at six ‘rock’ festivals in six major European markets (France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy and Poland). Data was collected onsite in and around the festival grounds over the duration of the festival. The festivals include Heineken Jammin Festival (Italy), Hurricane Festival (Germany), Main Square Festival (France), Bilbao BBK (Spain), Woodstock Festival (Poland), and V Festival (UK). It is based on a quantitative study of 2,244 respondents from 30 different nationalities and 500 cities around the globe. For the purpose of the study, the data is compared to a control group composed of a compilation of online market data compiled across the six markets participating in the study.

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