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Havas Sports & Entertainment unveils their study
"The French, Social Media, and the 2010 World Cup"

Just 10 days away from the beginning of the world's most important sporting event, the agency Havas Sports & Entertainment presented a quantitative and qualitative study on the social media consumption of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in teen to early adult demographics (15 - 35 year olds) in France.

An online qualitative survey, realized by Havas Sports & Entertainment, was administered to 500 people between the ages of 15 and 35 by the CSA institute between May 7-14; our findings show that in 2010:

Social Media (social networks and blogs) will be at the heart of consumer interaction with the next World Cup:

  1. Almost all (98%) of 15-35 year-olds already use at least one social network.
  2. Approximately 7.8 million (48%) 15-35 year-olds have said they will follow, live or share the World Cup 2010 on social networks.

The principle social networks that will be used by 15-35 year olds to follow, live, or share the World Cup 2010 are:

  1. Facebook: 77% (this figure only considers those who plan to watch the World Cup)
  2. YouTube and Dailymotion: 46%
  3. Blogs and forums: 21%

In terms of use, people that will follow the World Cup through social networks will mostly:

  1. Watch videos: 54%, or approximately 4.2 million people
  2. Give their opinion: 43%, or 3.4 million people
  3. Follow expert commentary: 38%, or 3 million people
  4. Look at photos: 34%, or 2.7 million people
  5. Join a community: 15%, or 1.2 million people
  6. Publish content: 11%, or 900 000 people

The perception of social networks versus traditional media among people that will follow the World Cup through social networks shows that they will connect primarily to search for information that is rich (72%), exclusive (65%) and trustworthy (49%).   

The 7.8 million 15-35 year-olds that will follow the World Cup on social media are split based on 3 primary profiles based on their degree of interest in the event:

  1. Hardcore Football fans : 2 million people
  2. Amateurs: 2.1 million people
  3. Occasionals: 3.7 million people

Qualitative findings demonstrate that these three principle profiles demonstrate very distinct patterns in their consumption of the World Cup via social media; these variations are attributed to their degree of interest in the event.

The brands which communicate around the World Cup have therefore understood the interest in reaching out to consumers through social media, which is captivating a growing audience. More and more brands are adapting their communications plans to incorporate social networks. For example, 10 of 14 World Cup 2010 sponsors have already begun their campaigns and activation on these new media platforms.

According to the study, the presence of brands on social media is perceived positively. For 15-35 year olds, a brand present on social media is a brand that :

  • Lives with the times: 89%
  • Is entrepreneurial: 77%
  • Listens to the French people: 60%
  • Is creative: 67%

For Gilles Portelle, General Manger of Havas Sports & Entertainment France, "The World Cup 2010 will be the most followed, discussed and shared global event on social networks. Our approach towards brands has led us to anticipate and integrate the evolutions in terms of sports consumption. The emergence of social media profoundly changes these modes of consumption and therefore the activation plans of brands. This phenomenon not only affects sport, but also recreation, culture, entertainment.. all centers of interest for internet users. This is why an agency like Havas Sports & Entertainment puts digital activation and a community approach at the heart of their recommendations and communication strategies. Social media is becoming indispensable for brands that want to create an even stronger link, based on exchange and interactivity, with their consumers. Social Media, in fact, offers brands an opportunity to establish a direct conversation with their audience, around their passions."

You can find the entire presentation online at: http://www.slideshare.net/HavasSE/les-franais-les-rseaux-sociaux-et-la-coupe-du-monde

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