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Fans.Passions.Brands Studies

Fans.Passions.Brands Studies

At Havas Sports & Entertainment, fans and passion points lie at the heart of what we do. We strive to truly understand what makes a fan a fan, how they live their passion, and what drives their engagement with sport and entertainment.

FANS.PASSIONS.BRANDS, Havas Sports & Entertainment’s research into sports and entertainment fanship, in partnership with the University of Southern California’s Annenberg Innovation Lab and Havas Media’s “18” innovation hubs, takes an in-depth look at people’s passions.
So far we have looked into Football and Music. Read more about the individual studies here. 

Football fans are fanatic, loyal and diverse. The beautiful game brings fans together from all over the world and gives brands the perfect platform to interact with them. 

The Logics of Engagement (Infographic)

Music is the most universal of passions and an effective channel for brands looking to connect with target audiences through what they love.

Take the quiz and find out what type of music fan you are.

Watch the video.

Music Fans Unplugged (Infographic)